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“Don’t know if they have some magic washer. Worth every penny. My 7yr old suit looks the same way it looked when I bought it.”


Srinivasa G.


“Good customer service, have had a variety of garments men and women’s cleaned here with good result and satisfactory turnaround times.”


Abhishek G.


“Great rates and good quality.”


Minesh P.


“Excellent customer service, top notch quality, fast, and affordable! What a deal!

I became a regular to Gill Dry Cleaning and Taren got to know me by name. It was always a pleasure going there and having a quick convo with her. As a business student, I wound up having to get my suits cleaned on a almost weekly basis. When I first came here, I had no clue what to say or what to ask for, so taren walked me through the process and helped me figure out exactly what I need. Pretty soon I would just drop my clothes off and she’d remember exactly how I liked my clothes. I must say, any business where your able to get on a first name basis with your customers is a good one. Taren provides such great customer service it easily beats out the competitors.”


Patrick S.


“They’ve always done a nice job and the price can’t be beat.”


Terry Young


“Quick complete time, value for money, only thing is its not there in my city, had to travel 20mins from home. “


Li On


“Very friendly staff always have a good attitude and the cleaning is always done well the price is fair and that’s why I keep coming back”


Joshua C.


“I use this cleaners to keep my suits fresh and clean they do an awesome job”


Black M.

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